Professional services provided by CNFC include:

Accouting , Audit and Investigation , Company Secretarial Services , Taxation , Management Consultancy, Personal Recruitment , Computer Facilities

(1) Accounting       

We provide a complete range of accounting services for all types of business structures. Clients make use of our accounting services can gain the following benefits:

a) custom make accounting system.

b) save cost to employ full-time staff.

c) correct and up-to-date accounting record.

d) confidentiality is assured.

Financial statements can be prepared on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual basis with payrolls, debtors and creditors records provided.

Our fees for providing accounting services are commensurate with the time consumed in completing the job. Generally speaking, average monthly accounting fee for preparing accounts on an annual basis will be much cheaper than preparing the accounts on a monthly basis.

(2)Audit and Investigation         (Go back)

Our firm can provide you with competent auditing services to enable you to meet various statutory, taxation and other reporting deadlines requirements at a competitive fee.

We also conduct special audits, due diligence and other investigations for the purpose of business acquisition and management needs. Our auditing services include:

a) Auditing of financial statements for companies engaging in different types of business such as trading, manufacturing, property investment and development, securities dealing and investment, financial institutions and other engineering and servicing industries in accordance with statutory and other relevant reporting guidelines and requirements.

b) Provision of audits of annual accounts for various types of organisations such as schools, associations and other un-incorporated bodies.

c) Providing evaluation and advice on internal accounting, operations and management control systems.

d) Carry out of special audits and provision of special reports for mergers, acquisition and other purposes.

e) Performing due diligence investigations to identify issues requested.

(3) Company Secretarial Services         (Go back)

We provide a full range of corporate secretarial services for both Hong Kong and overseas companies, listed and unlisted. We have well experienced and professional qualified staff specializes in the provision of all sorts of company secretarial and administration services to our clients. Our secretarial services include:-

a) Company Secretary

Services provided include maintenance of statutory records, attending to and preparation of directors and shareholders minutes, attending to increases of capital, filing of necessary documents with government authorities and assisting in the general administration for our clients, preparation of results announcements and semi-annual and annual reports for listed companies and ensure compliance with all regulated rules and requirements including Companies Ordinance, Listing Rules, Securities Ordinance and Securities (Disclosure of Interests) Ordinance etc.

b) Formation of New Companies

Assistance and advice on establishment of new companies in both Hong Kong and overseas jurisdictions.

c) Liquidation and Deregistration

Attending to and provision of advice on dissolution, insolvency, deregistration, liquidation and other related matters.

d) Provision of Registered Office and Business Address

All Hong Kong companies required a registered office. We provide registered office for our clients where inward and outward correspondence may be directed through fax or other communication systems.

e) Directors and Shareholders

We can assist in finding persons to act as directors or shareholders when the circumstances or our clients so require.

(4) Taxation       (Go back)

We are fully aware of the needs of our clients and in order to minimize our clients tax exposure in Hong Kong and worldwide, we have placed emphasis in providing tax advice and services to our clients. We recommend that clients seek advice before making commitments with tax implications. All general tax advice given by us to our clients are FREE OF CHARGE.

Tax-related services provided by us include:

a) Tax Planning

Considering the incidence of taxation, examining the tax consequences of particular transaction, providing a tax-efficient corporate structure, accounting treatment and offshore planning. Provide advice to clients to effectively plan their corporate and personal tax.

b) Estate Duty Planning

Provide advice on estate planning to minimise exposure to Hong Kong estate duty.

c) Tax Compliance Service

Preparation of profits tax return, salaries tax return, property tax return and employers return.

d) Tax Investigation and Enquiries

Experienced in handling tax objections and appeals, tax investigation, field audit and enquiries from the Inland Revenue Department.

e) FREE General Tax Advice

Provide FREE general tax advice to clients to help clients to save tax.

(5) Management Consultancy         (Go back)

We are able to provide following areas of management advisory services:

a) conduct business investigations covering purchase, merger or takeover

b) professional valuation of shares in companies or of the goodwill of a business

c) corporate management, reorganization and restructuring

d) systems planning, evaluation, development and implementation

e) inventory management and control systems

f) cost management systems

g) financial management information systems

h) simple legal and corporate matters

i) budget estimates, profit forecasts and cashflow analysis

j) periodical reporting involves the preparation of regular management accounts to assist managers and proprietors in running their business

(6) Personal Recruitment         (Go back)

We provide personal recruitment services for our clients. We assist clients in selecting right and suitable person with adequate qualification and experience for the job required.

(7) Computer Facilities         (Go back)

To enable us to service you better and more economically, we have installed in house computers and employed our own I.T. professional to process your financial information. The system provides a complete record of all transaction, together with financial and other statements in a format to suit your needs. We provide custom make report to suit your special needs. If required, we will assist in the implementation of a system to suit your specific requirements.